Three Factors That Influence Car Accident Payments

It’s an all-too-familiar nightmare: you are driving in your car when suddenly the brakes catch. No longer in control of it, you careen, swerving to avoid other vehicles until the inevitable finally happens. Luckily for you, it was all a dream.

For many people, this sort of terror is all-too-real. Accidents are an everyday part of life in America, but when people have to live with a pain for years, the events are by no means normal.

Many people turn to a car accident lawyer in these situations. Lawyers are around to help people who have been hurt through no fault of their own and need to collect enough payment to support themselves and their families. But just how much can someone expect to receive in a settlement? It varies based on a number of factors. Here are some things you need to know about settlements in these cases.

Personal Injuries

Personal injuries include two different types of damage: soft and hard. Soft damage refers to tissue and is usually painful but not dangerous. Soft tissue damage affects muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and can result in contusions and herniated discs. Typically, these are less serious injuries, but they can be equally as debilitating as something more severe. Hard injuries are dangerous. They vary from broken bones to brain damage. If your injuries fall under the ‘hard’ designation, you are much more likely to reach a higher settlement amount.

Vehicle Damage

Often a car accident lawyer faces a situation in which there isn’t much of a car left. If the vehicle can be repaired, the settlement is supposed to cover the cost of repairs. However, when the car is deemed totaled, the court should allow enough money to cover the vehicle’s value. This also extends to valuables that were within the vehicle such as phones, computers, and sports equipment. The cost allotted is also affected by depreciation, as it is not based on new vehicle price. A good lawyer will be able to lessen the effect that this has on your final amount.

Chronic Suffering

Beyond the immediate physical damage, people face lingering trauma in the form of PTSD or some other psychological malady. Dealing with the situation is a major cause of stress for many individuals, and the medical bills can be huge. A good car accident lawyer can find the legal arguments for tens of thousands of dollars in remuneration.