Empowering Yourself To Take Action – Jointly Owned Property Disputes

Relationships end for many reasons.

Maybe this was a gradual process during your relationship or there was an incident that caused a rapid, irreversible change in your relationship. There does however come a time when things come to a head.

It’s amazing how the person you once loved and shared your hopes and dreams with, as well as your plans for the future with, suddenly becomes a stranger right before your eyes, especially when they can’t accept that the relationship is over and that you want to move on.

There are many separated couples who can deal with their jointly owned property fairly and amicably without the need for solicitors or court intervention but unfortunately there is also a higher percentage of couples who cannot reach agreement for various reasons.

Maybe the other party is happy to separate but wants to keep the house but cannot afford to buy their ex out. There may be one party who remains living in the house and has been doing so for many years and is still refusing to sell the property. Even if both parties agree to sell the property one may feel that they are entitled to a larger share of the equity and as agreement cannot be reach it ends up being a stalemate.

You may feel that now is the time to move on. You may have a new partner who you want to purchase another property jointly with but are unable to do so until your name is removed from the existing mortgage you have with your ex. You may just want to cease being financially tied to your ex-partner as you are still jointly liable for the mortgage or any mortgage arrears that have accumulated since your separation, even if these arrears are no fault of your own.

Many of you may have sought legal advice but the price charged by the solicitors has stopped you in your tracks so you are once again left in limbo and feel very frustrated because you can see no way out of your predicament. But there is a way out of your predicament. There is another cost effective way. This can be achieved by empowering yourself to take action by representing yourself in court.

The thought of representing yourself may seem daunting to you but if given the right guidance and tools to help you face that legal journey you will then begin to realise that this is indeed something that you can do without the need to hire expensive solicitors. Obviously if your case is more complex in nature you may need to tap into their legal services but this can be done on an ad-hoc basis therefore greatly reducing the amount you have to spend on legal fees.