Black Lives Matter

Black lives matter

And so do the lives of all other races. The problem facing American society seem to be that those who are in a position where they are able to make laws foe the benefit of all are unwilling to change. The root cause of this is that they do not want to be answerable to their decisions.

Is there any organisation in the US where one can lay a complaint against the police or any other government department?

A government department should not be a law unto themselves; I suspect that an unwillingness to be accountable for their decisions is behind it all.

There needs to be an independent body dealing with complaints and they need t be answerable to their actions.

Politicians say all the right things but need to follow that up with some kind of action.

President Trump has taken a lot of heat over his handling of the “Black lives Matter,” protest but this issue has been going on for decades. Joe Biden has been in politics a long long time and has done nothing to address the issue of racism and the plight of those who are disadvantaged in society. He was a part of Barack Obama’s government during the time of the racial riots that occurred when Obama was president.

Protest organisers need to compile a list of things they want to happen and present it to the President; maybe use it as part of a petition.

“Justice for George Floyd,” has been said often during the protests, which basically mean taking revenge against the officers responsible for his death; I’m not sure if that is what Floyd would have wanted. That alone will not change the plight of Blacks. What will, however, is an acknowledgement from the President that they have not been treated fairly.

What the President and state governors need to do is to tell the people, “This is what we are going to do to change the plight of the disadvantaged,” but I am not holding my breath based on years of inaction and empty words by one government after another. The governments of other countries must put pressure on America for change and say, “This is not right.”

During the apartheid years in South Africa governments around the world put pressure on their sports people not to participate in sporting events where South Africans took part. It is an example of how the world can join together in a common cause.

It does take one leader to pick up the batten a run with it in much the same way that Jacinda Ardern led the campaign for Social media companies such as Facebook & Twitter to take more responsibility for their content after the Christchurch Mosque shootings.

But this is just not happening, instead the protests have turned into a shouting match rather than a meaningful dialogue. Protesters need to tell the government’s of their respective countries what they would like to happen and politicians must listen because they were voted in to serve us, the citizens.