Pitfalls to Avoid When Navigating a Workers Compensation Claim

Most workers compensation cases reach a settlement before the need for a trial before a Workers Compensation Administrative Judge if you have the right lawyer. In most cases, all parties are interested in reaching an agreement before going to the Workers Compensation Appeals Board. Generally a work injury attorney with a highly respected reputation in the workers compensation field can get you the best settlement without the need for expensive trials and appeals.

An effective workers compensation attorney can help you navigate the maze of the system and bring you to a timely resolution. Workers compensation trials are much more time intensive than negotiated settlements; it can take years until a final Award is granted by the court after exhausting appeals. Therefore, settlement negotiations between the injured worker and the defendant are encouraged by the court. There are several pitfalls that need to be avoided when negotiating closure to a work injury case by your workers compensation attorney.

Unless you are a work injury attorney, insurance adjuster, or you are absolutely sure you are knowledgeable in the field of workers compensation representing yourself is a bad idea. Without the years of experience provided by your lawyer, you will not be able to maximize your recovery. In order to maximize your recovery and ensure that you do not waive any of your legal rights, it is advisable get a free consultation with a workers’ injury attorney.

Choosing the wrong work injury lawyer can be disastrous to your case. Most people hire a lawyer with the biggest advertising billboard or the most awesome television commercial however it is extremely unlikely that lawyer will actually be the one representing you. It is best to hire a local respected work injury attorney, from a well-established work injury law firm, who specializes in on the job injuries.

When you are injured at work, request medical attention and report the incident. If it’s other than first aid, document your injury or will be used against you later in your work injury case. When those who have suffered work injuries fail to get timely medical treatment, the compensation claims adjuster or the defense work comp lawyer will use this against you and argue that your work related injury was minimal.

Communicating with the insurance company is also a bad idea. They are not your friends. They are there to save money and pay you as little. The adjuster and defense attorney will be experienced in often times be injured worker will say things to the insurance adjuster that are used against them. Work injury victims should allow their lawyer to handle all communications and be present at all times to represent you when negotiating with the defense. Oftentimes the insurance claims adjuster may seem friendly and concerned about your on-the-job injuries, remember that you are dealing with a trained professional whose sole purpose is to protect the employer and the insurance company.

Avoiding these pitfalls has a simple solution. Hire an experienced, local and reputable lawyer to guide you through the process.