Tips and Things to Remember In Immigration

So you are going on a trip. Your room is booked, plane tickets are ready, next on the list is- immigration. Obvious this is your first time so you must be filled with excitement. As long as the word immigration is, the process can be as hectic, but if you follow some simple pointers, all can be smooth sailing for you as well.

The biggest consideration on your mind probably will be, the officers. The conversation you have to have with the officials is very vital as one wrong answer and you’re in big trouble. Now traveling to another country is no big deal, still here are some tips:

• Online Check-in: To save time, better check-in online.

• Come Soon: Try your best to come at least two hours, if not sooner, at the airport.

• Monitor Flight Status: Keep track on the flight status board so you can catch your flight in time.

• Comfortable Clothes: Remember once on board, it’s going to be a long flight, so wear clothes that are comfortable.

• No Jewelry: Try not to wear any jewelry. Even at the security gate, you will require removing it.

• Luggage Restrictions: Do not stuff your bags beyond its limit. This will only cost you more.

• Keep Valuable in Hand Bag: Keep all your valuables like a phone or expensive jewelry in your handbags.

• Tags: Make sure all your bags, luggage and handbags are properly tagged with correct name and address, in case of loss, luggage can be recovered.

• Double Check Documents: Before you depart for the airport make sure all your documents are in place and officially signed and duly stamped.

• Stay by Your Gate: Stay nearby your departure gate as its here if any change concerning your flight, will be announced.

• Power Banks Ready: Since it’s the android era, you’ll probably spend most of your flight playing games or listening to songs, so make sure your power banks are fully charged.

• Be Nice: The travel is going to be hectic and it’s going to have its toll on you, but be nice to all.

• Sync your Time: Make sure your wristwatch, phone clock, and status board all match so you don’t miss your flight.

Have fun!

For some, it might be first and for others just another day of travel. Either case, travel with care and your trip should be comfortable, hassle-free and safe. It is one of the important things to remember.