Is Identity Theft Really About The Money?

The Phantoms of Identity Theft are working non-stop to destroy lives. Almost daily the news media reports another breach of security. Yet people still can’t find the time and resources to protect themselves. Are you using precautions to protect yourself and your family?

What people fail to understand is that identity theft is not really about money. The phantoms who steal identities destroy and gain control leaving their victims feeling powerless. Chaos erupts as the madness of complications increase by the hour leaving the victims with little hope of regaining their financial status, or credit rating thus affecting every area of life.

On-line banking has helped cut the risks involved with paper statements, but the phantoms gain control through technology. Keeping track of money is more important today than ever in the history of humanity. Record keeping is essential to protecting identity. We have a birth record and so does our money. Protecting money is critical. Do you keep accurate records of your money? Do you own a good shredder to dispose of the records after they are no longer needed?

Although money is unique to us because it is part of who we are, it is not our true identity. Money determines the life style we live. We spend our time earning money. Just as we are unique, and own a fingerprint that no one else has so does our money fingerprint because it helps to create our lifestyle.

The difference between our money fingerprint and our birth fingerprint is that we lose our place in society when we lose our money. Our birth fingerprint cannot be replicated or replaced. We can eventually replace our money. Is identity theft really about the money or is it about “who” we are?

Our problem with identity is that we are not aware of our real DNA. Our true self is about our origin, not about our money. Someone had to create us. We didn’t get here by osmosis.

Living through the nightmare of identity theft is extremely difficult. Many of us lose our retirement, or children’s college education. Our good credit scores have plummeted and we have no choice but to file bankruptcy. We become angry, depressed with hope fading into the atmosphere. Our life as we once knew is gone forever, and affects every member of our family.

The cliché that God won’t allow more trails placed upon us than we can endure, is untrue. God allows devastation so that we have to turn to Him. If we think we can work our way through this darkness alone, we are fools.

We may find ourselves in the valley of the shadow of death, but we aren’t mean to camp-out there. This is the time to ask God to help regain the energy of hope and start a new life.

If you haven’t already learned your true identity, now is the time. Take precautions to prevent identity theft; it’s much easier to prevent than to clean up the havoc.