Are You Aware Of The Negative Effects Identity Theft Will Have On Your Life?

We learned this week about yet another company being hit with security breach. Sadly this company is one of the largest insurers of Medicare. Insurance companies record our social security numbers and our medical history leaving us naked for the phantoms of identity theft. The real problem is “how” the thieves cover-up our nakedness.

Taking our identity and clothing it in their latest trend is more dangerous than people realize. We do not know what kind of designer will get the contract. Will that designer use the medical information to buy illegal prescriptions or use the insurance policy for tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills?

These are only two of the ways identity thieves use our information. Technological use in creating fa├žade clothing for stolen identity nakedness is endless. In diagnosing our medical problems technology is our best friend; but our worst enemy in the hands of people with intent is to commit hideous crimes.

We can’t live life in fear mode. However we really must pay attention when a company has a breach of data. I have found most people hear the words identity theft and immediately think about the financial part of life. Losing all of our money isn’t easy and can make us wish we could just hide in a dark hole and stay there; but the consequences of losing our medical information is absolutely terrifying.

Yesterday I met a friend I haven’t seen in many years. Our conversation led to my identity theft because she commented on how I had worked through it. I asked her if she heard the news about the latest insurer’s breach of client information. Her answer actually shocked me. She said she was much too busy to pay attention to that sort of thing!

My friend saw what I had gone through for years cleaning up my identity theft, yet felt it could never happen to her. Identity Theft and Identity Fraud can happen to any person any place any-time. We must pay attention! Nothing is more dangerous than sincere ignorance!

Just as a hawk stalks its prey before devouring the innocent victim, phantoms of identity theft do exactly the same thing. They have your information, and have the where with all to watch your habits and follow you with technology. Yes, the phantoms of identity theft are stalkers, just like birds of prey. Their instinctive nature, after they spot you in the natural wilderness of cloud storage is to target and strike for the kill just like a hawk.

Blaming the company for the breach is not the answer. Companies are doing the best they can to protect your information.

It’s your responsible to understand you have enemies. It’s your responsibility to read your mail, email and text messages. Keep a thorough check on your credit report, even if you have bad credit. Take the time to review your medical records often. Don’t wait for the kill, the consequences are severe.